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CEREC One Visit Crowns

Porcelain is the most BIOCOMPATIBLE material to use for dental fillings and crowns, it most closely mimics the properties of enamel and dentine. This means strong and aesthetic/natural looking fillings and crowns. In the past these fillings or crowns required uncomfortable impressions and wearing temporary fillings or crowns, which meant two appointments and waiting for work to come back from the laboratory.

Cerec step 4                   Cerec step 6                       Cerec step 7              Scanning Impression                              Scanned Impression                                      Porcelain Block

                                   Cerec step 9                                Cerec step 11                                                                       Porcelain Block ready to be milled           Milled block formed into crown ready for cementation

Maven Dental Maryborough, formerly Toothworkx, now has NEW TECHNOLOGY enabling us to do these porcelain fillings and crowns in one appointment. So if you would like, or need to have these sorts of restorations done for your teeth and would like to do them in one convenient visit call us at Maven Dental Maryborough to see if this is suitable for you. Please download our brochure for more information.

“Over 250 clinical tests – including long-term studies conducted for a period of up to 18 years – prove the excellence of CEREC restorations”

“The CAD/CAM system has been on the market for a good 30 years now and over 250 scientific studies have confirmed the clinical safety of tried and tested CEREC tooth restorations. Worldwide, more than 30 million tooth restorations have been produced with CEREC.

For example, universities and scientifically oriented dental practices are continuously monitoring the survival rates of CEREC restorations (inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers) which were created and placed during a single appointment. The projected long-term survival rates are as high as 84.4 per cent after 18 years. In terms of quality CEREC restorations are at least on a par with cast gold – and clearly superior to composite fillings and other laboratory-produced restorations.”  

Sirona digital dentistry – The most important clinical studies, scientifically secure.

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